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AMPO - Traditional Food From Tuban, West Java, Indonesia, using Clay as The Ingredient)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Have you ever felt eating a baked clay? What it was like eating a baked clay?
If you maybe a stay at Tuban, Jawa Timur, Indonesia, you will fell it and according to them, the taste is like usual chocolate that we eat.

Food from clay, named the 'Ampo' has become a traditional food in Tuban. That is believed from Tuban community that it can strengthen their digestive system. Even eating clay is also believed to be a drug that can treat several kinds of diseases.

Tuban is the only place in the world who eat baked clay.
Indeed there are other people in the world who like to eat sand, and other strange objects, but no one ate baked clay.

According Rasima, the seller Ampo, saying that there is no special recipe for cooking Ampo. She's just looking for a clean soil free from gravel, then crushed and compacted so that a square form.
Then, overcome it with a stick and shape it like rolls.
Land that has been rolled up and then burned and smoked for 1 hour, then be as a snack or light meal ready to eat.
Rasima usually sell in the market and one day she can have income of about 20000 IDR (about 2 USD) to support her family.
Rasima also said that if she likes to eat when she was a little girl and eat Ampo since Ampo can cool her stomach.

How to make Ampo?

1. Separate Clay With Gravel and Sand
At this stage the clay sorted out between the soft and rough. As well as making dough snacks, then the uniformity of the soil determines the enjoyment and the resulting of snack later.

2. Forms Clay Being Boxes

If we could see, its just like make the pie, yes here too. But its make the dough clay an advanced form of the box. The "chef" shows that the clay is ready to baked. If we can form it into boxes, it means the composition of soil and water were evenly on each piece of dough. Dough characteristics dull clay had not seen from sticking to the palm of the hand.

3. Being Formed Stick / Bars

The clay dough was then formed into sticks, if you look at first glance similar to the manufacture of wafer manufacture stick

4. Baking the Clay

Once the clay is formed into sticks, then baked on a traditional stove until set and dry for about 1 hour. As shown in the drawings, clay placed over the pan to the heating and wood stove.
5. Ready to Serve
After all processes traversed the clay ready to be served at the table to be friends chat.


Reason Why Sea Has Color

Monday, October 10, 2011

If an object can emit light and objects that emit red light, then the object would look red.
Meanwhile, if an object can not emit light, then the object would appear in color in accordance with the color spectrum of the reflected object.
Meanwhile, the color spectrum that is not reflected will be absorbed by atoms or molecules making up the object.
For example, when illuminated with white light, the leaves will reflect the green color spectrum than the spectrum colors absorb light green leaves look so green.


Then why is an atom or molecule absorbs certain light?
Absorption only occurs if the incident photon energy matches the energy required to move one electron outside the atom or molecule from ground level to excited levels (or from the valence band into the conduction band in solids).
So the absorption spectrum of colors by the constituent atoms or molecules of an object that causes the object reflects a specific color only.
The spectrum of colors that are not absorbed, will be reflected.
And the spectrum of the reflected color is visible to the eye, and make the object to be colored.

Water also Has a Color


Then why is there a clear object alias is colorless like water.
However, it turns out water and other translucent objects actually have color.
Keep in mind that water color is blue, because the water absorbs the sun's light wave (which consists of seven elements of color).
Water molecules are then absorbed the colors and reflects blue color spectrum, and that is visible to our eyes.

But we may not be able to see the blue water was only on the glass of water or a bucket of water alone.
Because the layer of water in the glass does not absorb and reflect enough of the color spectrum that comes to him, so that water can not show the original blue color.
Another case when we look into the swimming pool or even ocean.
The water will reflect the blue color spectrum and absorbs the other colors of the spectrum so that the water appears blue.


With this it is clear why the sea water or water in a swimming pool blue.
However, in addition to the reflected blue water itself, the oceans also contain many other particles.
Starting from the fish, corals, plankton, and so on.
There is also dissolved organic substances in water.
These materials is the one who causes the absorption of sunlight leaving only a dark blue for the ocean.
In addition, the reflection of blue sky in the water also helped to give the role of the blue color of sea water.


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