Alfa (huruf : Α, α) is the first Greek alphabet.


Derived from the Latin Language Neo means New


My last name from my parents. Literally A New One.

Tips and Trick

Tips if Your Spark Pulg Sudden Death

This is from my personal experience. At the time I'm on the road with my brother, at about 1 am, was heading for my brother who was boarding at Wijilan Street, Yogyakarta. When I drive my motor vehicle in the vicinity of Jalan Taman Siswa, Yogyakarta, the motor died suddenly. "Wow!". It's odd, with the gas tank is still have a little gasoline. I became suspicious of spark plugs is the cause, because the previous situation is the bike parked outside my boarding house long enough (about 2 hours) and the weather was heavy rain. I check "I do not carry spare of my spark plugs!". My brother is also quite confused, finally we push my bike. Really tired!

But there are good-hearted people who helped me. He is a pedicab driver. He asked, "Bensin ne telas yo, mas?" means "the gasoline runs out, yes, sir?". Then I tell him briefly what happened. Then he intends to help, he said "Oh sir.. its easy.". He wants to help me then borrow pliers, then remove the plugs from my engine block. He then broke the "Ground Electrod". See the image below:
It can flame back my bike! Well I thank you once with the pedicap driver. Really good person. Since then I always bring Spare Spark Plug in order to avoid the things that are not desirable. And do not "wash" the bike with rain for too long. Thank you.

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 Eliminate Attribution Widget

The way is simple and very easy, follow the steps below Only. First go on "Design" then "Edit HTML"

enter the following code css code above ]]></ b: skin>

# Attribution1 {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none

Save-and-see ..

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Tips in an Emergency If Difficult Finding Workshops which Provides N2
When the N2 pressure is reduced and can not find the workshop that provides charging N2, we can add it to the gas / tire as usual that easily found on the roadside, as an emergency measure. But if we can find a shop that provides charging N2, the tire should be drained back again to be refilled with pure N2 gas to benefit from the use of N2 as a whole.

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How to Quickly Create Snow Effect In Web Pages
  • Go to "Design" and click the "Page Elements". On a blank gadget, gadget HTML selected.
  • Copy and paste the following HTML code:
Friendster/salju_pink.js" src=" <script type="text/javascript"> </ script>
  • Save-and-see ..
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Is not a problem when you try really hard but your ambition is not achieved yet. The problem is when in the middle of the road, you despair the opportunity from the Most Benevolent God's gives to achieve your ambition.

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