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Basic Principles of Machine - 2 Stroke Engine (chap.1)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two (2) stroke Machine, was "powerful" in the streets in ancient times (probably around 1980). This machine has a pretty fundamental difference compared with 4 stroke engine. Two (2) stroke engines require additional oil which participate in the fuel in the engine (Side Oil) to lubricate the movement of the piston.

Due to this machine also burn oil fuel in space, spending will be very thick smoke. In fact, not infrequently there is also a splashing oil out the exhaust. There are advantages and disadvantages of using 2 stroke engine if compared to 4 stroke engine.

  • In theory for the same volume from 4 stroke engine that have 2 times of its volume. 100cc in 2 stroke engine will equal from 200cc in 4 stroke engine (theoretically)
  • Construction is simpler so the light weight and low initial price.
  • The moment of working engine is more uniform.
  • It's easier to start up.

  • Fuel is wasteful because during flushing some go wasted.
  • Exhaust gas is not good because the new mixed contaminated waste gas.
  • Small compression ratio so that the low thermal efficiency.
  • Need more lubricant.


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