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Filling Nitrogen Gas For Tire On Vehicles

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tires are an important component in the vehicle. Whatever the vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle, public transport, trucks, etc.) gas pressure in the tires need to be considered for performance (grip / traction) of road tires and optimum tire life becomes longer. If the gas pressure in the tire is lower than the recommended, then the field of tread and grip the road is uneven so that the field becomes less tread that is just on the outskirts of tires.

Likewise if excessive pressure from the recommended, so that only the middle of the tire tread only. As a result of shortage and excess gas pressure is running low tire tread is uneven. Conversely, if the gas pressure in the tires filled as directed, then the field of tire treads gripping the road becomes more widely and evenly. For driving safety will be ensured.

Uneven tire out can also be caused by damage to other components such as Shock Absorber, suspension, braking suddenly, road conditions, wheel alignment position (need spooring), balance wheel (necessary in Balance), and others. Every tire is mounted on wheels need tires dibalance to maintain balance while spinning.

Gas Filler for Tire
Tires are filled with gas (air) a certain pressure, usually consisting of 21% oxygen gas and 78% Nitrogen gas. Where the gas mixture obtained from the air around the gas pump, or gas that we breathe everyday. Oxygen gas particles are smaller than nitrogen gas, so that oxygen gas can be three times faster than Nitrogen gas leak, through the crevices of smooth connections to the rim or mechanical tire bulkhead/valve on the faucet (ventil).

Slowly but surely, make the car tire will reduce its gas pressure and the need to always check the pressure, if less immediately add up to the recommended factory spec cars and used tires. Gas pressure of less makes less security and comfort, also makes fuel wasteful.

The air pressure tends to be moist, for which still use the wheels of steel materials can help the process of rust that would damage the wheel itself.

We are encouraged to check tire pressure on cold tires, this is because when the tire is used (driving), the gas temperature inside the tire will increase (heat). Increasing the gas temperature makes the rise in gas pressure in the tires. Nitrogen gas (N2) in claims have a steady pressure on the working temperature change tires, so it will be safe for vehicles that are often driven fast (speeding) or carrying heavy loads.

Follow the recommendations listed in the panel recommended tire pressure is usually mounted on a pillar of the motor car door and frame if you use standard tires, or follow the advice of used tires if the tire specifications are not written in the panel recommended tire pressure.

Nitrogen gas (N2) as Gas Filler Tire

Due to the gas particles Nitrogen (N2) is greater than oxygen (O2), then the N2 to prevent the leakage (seepage) that cause a reduction in gas pressure (wind) on the tires. Also safe to use nitrogen because it can not burn, no smell, and is part of the existing gas in the atmosphere which we breathe too everyday.

To tell which tire that contains regular gas and gas containing N2, generally agreed with the valve cap (ventil) Green colored labeled N2 to N2 gas-filled tires.

Benefits Using N2 as the gas-filler Tire
  • Tire pressure is maintained longer (become less frequent refilling)
  • Traction and performance tires to optimal (due to a good grip, pressure is not reduced)
  • Save fuel (the right pressure, relieve the work machine)
  • Extend tire life (the right pressure, tires will be evenly ending)
  • Improve safety (proper pressure, grip and stability maintained)
  • Oxidation does not occur in the rubber tire (tire rubber extends the life of elasticity)
  • No help to rust (iron safe for component)
  • Tire pressure tire stable against temperature (to reduce accidents due to tire burst - overpressure)
N2 itself was used first in the arena of racing, aircraft and special heavy vehicle, before it was introduced to the public for use in everyday vehicles and motor cars.

Weakness Nitrogen Gas (N2) as Gas Filler Tire.
  • Prices are still expensive
Generally revolve around 10ribu until 20ribu dollars for each tire. Not to mention there are additional costs if the gas before filling the tire is not N2, because it must be drained first and then filled with N2 gas. Costs range from approximately 5ribu drain - 10ribu rupiah.
  • Treatment
Every time the tire has been filled by N2, then the next if the pressure is reduced, it is advisable to add it to the N2 as well.
  • Availability
Not many tire repair shop that provides the services N2 filling.


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