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Making Water Fuel Stove

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As an alternative option in times of crisis fuel to substitute kerosene and even LPG stove.

BASIS Theory:
  • Kerosene is no longer subsidized by the government. So the price will be submitted on the international market price. The price is probably around 6000 IDR.
  • Stock LPG is also sometimes jammed by PT Pertamina.
  • Using water as fuel is much cheaper and faster than the boiling kerosene (according to the creator's test).

 Materials for Construction of Water Fuel Stove
  • ·         Water
More pure water is getting better
Ex. Water <aquadest <Demin Water
  • ·         Electricity
12 Volt DC 5 Ampere
  • ·         Power Inverter
Power converter from 220 volts AC to 12 volts DC
  • ·         Diode (in lieu Power Inverter , to save money)
  • ·         Heat resistant bottles ( Thermal Resist )
  • ·         Power Cable for High Ampere
  • ·         Tube Pumps
  • ·         Manual Pump
  • ·         Stainless Steel
 Estimated Price Materials Making Water Fuel Stove
Item Name
Price (Estimated)
5 A 220 V Diode
IDR 20,000. per piece
Heat Resistant Bottle
IDR 50,000. per piece
Stainless Steel
IDR 10,000. per bar
Power cable
IDR 5,000. per meter
Tubing Pumps
IDR 100,000. per piece
Flowers Stove ( Nozzle )
IDR 20,000. per piece

 Estimated Price Materials Making LPG Fuel Stove

Item Name
Price (Estimated)
LPG Stoves
IDR 300,000. per piece
IDR 200,000. per piece
Hose and Adapter
IDR 50,000. per piece
IDR 550,000.

 Estimated Price Water Fuel Stove Operations (per day)

Item Name
Price (Estimated)
IDR 1,000. per liter
(Considered to obtain water must be bought)
1 day:
        1 x cooking much (2 hours)
        5 x cook slightly (1.5 hours)
TOTAL = 2.5 hours
Needed for electrical power conversion:
80 W = 0.08 KW
1 kWh = IDR 1500.
For operational costs:
1500 x 2.5 x 0.08 =
IDR 300.
For comparison the water: oil is 10:1
IDR 700.
IDR 2,000.
Estimated Price of LPG Fuel Stove Operations (per day)

Item Name
Price (Estimated)
LPG gas:
Tube 15 Kg for households can hold up to 20 days. Price IDR60,000 refill tube (already have a tube)
Then one day the cost:
IDR 3,000.
IDR 3,000.

Stove Work Scheme
  •  With Power Inverter

  •  With Diode

 Work Scheme Single Ejector

SWTO factor (Strength Weakness Opportunity Treat)

Capital science engineering
Ever tried before
(Not original)
Still nothing new so it is difficult published
This could be an alternative to daily needs
The price of water is very cheap
Still use kerosene
(So that the capillary tube is not easily corroded)
Requires energy to be sufficiently trained to assemble stoves
Almost all homes have access to safe water
Durability cooker 1 quart of water for 1 day
(According to the info from the manufacturer)
Never seen directly
The price is more expensive than kerosene stove
Enterprises can be developed in a way to sell distilled water as a fuel cheaper
Initial capital is similar to LPG stove
Still more needs to be optimized the design so that the energy created by more efficient (use of kerosene is much less again)

Distilled water will make the durability of stainless steel because the water is dirty (there are other minerals) will close the surface of stainless steel
Maintenance is fairly easy

Factors Places and Locations
            Location in the design entrepreneurship is a strategic location and do not need a place that is too broad. Most important is the location easy in its mobility, has a storage warehouse, and assembly room.


Yusuf Chowdury said...

Nice website but could not understand anything.

Curtis Purt said...

I am so impressed by the above research that you put-up.
I however have a challange of comming up with an efficient schematic of a working Hydrogen Generator.for purposes of creating a stove.
Kindly share with me the mechanical setup so i can fill in the missing gaps in my setup.



ZeroEnergy said...

Nice post!
And that stove only uses water to burn?Do you have one?

Kim Roldan Javier said...

Is their any simple schematic diagram to create this water stove

Mark Joshua Santos said...

Awesome post you have here. A very helpful one. Thanks for sharing! I'd like to share LPG cylinder I'm using. I'm sure this will help you in the kitchen.

Ashwin Kumar said...

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