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Basic Principles of Machine - Combustion Engine (chap. 2)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The tool that converts chemical energy from fuel into mechanical energy (energy used to propel something) through the combustion process.
Type of combustion:
  • External combustion engine: the steam engine, steam turbine, closed cycle gas turbine, Stirling engine.
  • Internal combustion engine : motor gasoline, diesel, gas turbine, jet engine

Classification of Internal Combustion Engine 

Automotive, trucks, airplanes, power generators.
Rotary motor (turbine, Wankel engine), reciprocating engine (back and forth).
Work Cycle:
Four steps and two steps
Ignition Method: 
Spark ignition (spark ignition engines), compression ignition (compression ignition engines)
Gasoline, diesel fuel, compressed gas and, alcohol
Mixing Method: 
Carburetor and injector
Cooling Method:
Cooling water and air cooling

Here is a picture of the External Combustion Engine:
Here are pictures of the Internal Combustion Engine :


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